Teagan Glenn
Scalable Software Architect


Senior software engineer, specializing in software architecture, with a heavily math based history, background in the power industry and credit/gift card manufacturing industry, and a long history with programming in various computer languages. Experience in data acquisition, performance testing, power plant modeling, database design and architecture, client side and server-side applications and web-applications. Knowledgeable in small digital and analog electronics, power supplies, embedded applications and electronics repair/modifications. Current passions include physical automation and backend software architecting patterns. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Physics, Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering with a focus in Computer Science. Specialties: Automation, IoT, C#, Python, Java/Android, JavaScript, VB.Net, VBA, VBScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, C/C++, PIC-C and Embedded Systems, SQL/NoSQL, Linux, Windows, Electronics (Repair and Modification), Problem Solving, Debugging, Troubleshooting

Work Experience

TEKSystems - Vail Resorts
September 2017 – November 2017
Senior Android Engineer - EpicMix
  • Implemented uri based deep-linking through Urban Airship push notifications
  • Due to target SDK changes, built user permission request framework to work around Android Marshmallow user permissions
  • Bug fixes around concurrency and incorrect Activity/Fragment lifecycle event hook utilization.
September 2016 – August 2017
Native Team Lead
  • Re-wrote the Android mobile application architected around an asynchronous event bus with highly optimized thread utilization.
  • The new android application made use of bi-directional data binding, single activity router and a home-grown live data system allowing all views saved to the backstack to update from any API request.
  • Implemented my open source self-documenting, self-validating API library into Node.js backend services.
  • Worked closely with product, design and engineering teams to implement technical feasibility and product feedback sessions to improve communication and collaboration between them.
  • Acted to mentor and grow teams professionally, implementing better coding standards and engineering practices across the engineering department.
March 2015 – February 2016
Salesforce Engineer
  • Designed and built a plug-n-play integration system for push, pull and bi-directional synchronization with 3rd parties.
  • Implemented a fully dynamic trigger handler factory with trigger execution control through custom settings.
  • Worked with designers to implement angular-based front-end pages on top of Salesforce.
  • As a team, built out custom back-office and HR system for large commercial real estate brokerage.
  • Working with another developer, build out a node application to browse the Salesforce object model and meta data using the Tooling API.
April 2013 – February 2015
Analyst - Business Applications Developer
  • Work with business users to determine application requirements and specifications.
  • Design and built web applications, using ASP.Net MVC 4 and 5 with a MS SQLServer backend, for tracking compliance testing and inspections of equipment as required by federal regulations.
  • Design and built web applications, using ASP.Net MVC 4 and 5 with a MS SQLServer backend, for tracking compliance testing and inspections of equipment as required by federal regulations.
  • Built a C# library for SourceGas developers to use that includes wrappers around: EntityFramework 6.1, Active Directory, ADP (HR System), Geocoding Services from Bing, Yahoo and Google. As well as common datatypes and functionality used throughout the software development landscape.
  • Worked with other developers to design and build a time tracking and reporting site that is used company-wide using ASP.Net MVC 4, JQuery, Durandal, Knockout and MVC Web Api with a MS SQLServer backend.
  • Designed and built a C# application to poll data from an ADP (HR System) web service and sync with Active Directory.
  • Wrote python scripts for the GIS team using ArcGIS.
  • Maintain VisualBasic 6 codebase, rewriting in C# when appropriate.
  • Build complex Excel spreadsheets used throughout the company utilizing VBA macros, database connections and event triggers.
Denver Integrated Printing Solutions
July 2011 – April 2013
Software Engineer
  • Using PIC-C, developed an embedded application to provide on-the-fly QA on the production machines.
  • Using VB.Net and LINQ-SQL, developed applications for converting customer data into machine-formatted data.
  • Updated legacy VB6 applications to the newer .Net framework.
  • -Using MS SQL, implemented new stored procedures to increase productivity over the VB6 and VB.Net applications currently in use.
  • Worked with the SharePoint application for help-desk and ticket management.
  • Worked with QuickBase to help develop a customer and project manager portal.
Xcel Energy
May 2007 – January 2011
Engineering Intern/Software Developer
  • Placed in charge of developing a program, T-Cycle, for modeling power plants using a graphical user interface, calculating performance, tracking performance history, alerting engineers to possible causes of problems in plant and calculation corrections for reporting to government agencies.
  • Developed a Microsoft Excel add-in for automating many of the day-to-day calculations of the team's engineers that enabled them to release their reports quicker.
  • Worked with mechanical engineers and our lab technician to develop a mostly automated data acquisition system that alleviated some of the headaches and difficulties setting up and during performance tests.
  • Handled all troubleshooting, debugging and creating instruction manuals for all applications developed.
  • Designed a step-by-step guide for converting Arcom Multiplexers into a modern Fisher ROC Multiplexer including wiring and configuration.
  • Designed and built portable power supplies for use with Rosemount transmitters.
  • Took initiative to create a database for the lab technician for keeping track of equipment reservations and calibration tracking in an attempt to allow the lab to get more done in less time.
  • Assisted with conducting performance tests and verifying data acquisition system stability.
  • Assisted the asset management group with developing a database for tracking plant overhaul and other capital projects.
  • Responsible for training engineers in all three operating regions on how to T-Cycle's use and calculations.


Denver, Colorado US
(720) 432-5361


  • 2005 2010

    Metropolitan State University of Denver


    Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

    GPA: 3.7


Node.js Angular.io Knockout.js
Material Design Event Bus Data Binding
MVC 4 EntityFramework WPF WCF
MySQL SQLite Postgres
KVM VirtualBox ProxMox Docker Vagrant
Config Management
SaltStack Ansible


OpenCV ISY994 Automatic ODB
Raspberry Pi Arduino Circuits


Teagan's ability to look at a complex problem and reduce it, quickly I might add, into an extendable and reusable architecture is surpassed by no software engineer I have ever worked with. In the matter of 3 hours she had designed and beta spec'ed the architecture for a commission/invoice integration with a financial system; it was approved by the client in ONE meeting. I have had the pleasure of knowing Teagan for the past three years now, and have worked side by side with her for the last year. I can say without a doubt that if she quit her current job, I'd likely be applying to her new job; She is that great to work with, always honest and always knowledgeable of the task at hand. Teagan is a relentless scholar, either from the academic perspective nearly having four degrees to the community side and her continual contribution to open source. Teagan also is enthralled with automation and has taken it upon herself to automate her home and daily life where possible.

Teagan is eager to learn and even more eager to help others. While at Metropolitan State College of Denver, I had the opportunity to be in a few classes with Teagan. She was always on top of her work and always had innovative solutions for problems we worked on together. Teagan would be a great addition to any team given her excellent work ethic and her willingness to take on a leadership role.